The Pest Control Company of Choice, Serving Waterford, VA, and Surrounding Areas

For over 50 years, LeMarr Pest Control has been the preferred choice for effective pest management in Waterford, Virginia, and its neighboring areas. We employ cutting-edge techniques and proven treatments, all to deliver exceptional outcomes for homeowners, businesses and farms. If you have a pest issue you want to wipe out, our pest control company has the solution!

Tailored Services to Address Your Pest Problems

Your home, business or farm is unique and it’s why our pest control company always provides an evaluation first. This helps us to understand the scope of the infestation, so we can then develop a personalized approach to treating it.

Whatever type of pests are causing problems, we can take care of them, whether it’s:

· Unwanted rodents, like mice and rats

· Stinging insects, such as bees, wasps and yellow jackets

· Pesky ticks and mosquitoes

· Destructive wood-damaging pests like carpenter ants and termites

· Seasonal intruders from stink bugs, cluster flies and Asian lady beetles to lantern flies

Beyond these pest control services, we also offer wildlife trapping. This is designed for snakes, raccoons, skunks, groundhogs and other small, nuisance animals. We’ll remove these pests from your property, in a humane and environmentally friendly way, stopping property damage and restoring peace of mind.  

Our Pest Control Company is Ready to Help!

If you need a dependable pest control company in the Waterford, VA area, look no further than LeMarr Pest Control. Our team is the name known and trusted for wildlife and pest control across the area. We don’t cut corners on safety or compromise on results, ever. Instead, we get the job done in an effective and humane way, stopping existing infestations and preventing future ones. Contact us today to get started.

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