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Battling pests on your farm can feel like an never-ending struggle. However, keeping pests away is critical, as they can cause safety hazards and even damage buildings. At LeMarr Pest Control, we understand that proper pest control is an essential part of any farm’s operations. As the most experienced local farm pest control company with roots in Virginia that extend back to 1972, we have the expertise needed to eliminate pests of all kinds and prevent recurring infestations.

Comprehensive Pest Inspections for Farms

Unlike with most homes and businesses, farms have a lot of land where troublesome critters can nest and breed. As your partner for farm pest control, we will leverage our decades of experience to quickly assess the type and extent of your pest problem and identify its source. This will allow our team of pest control specialists—many of whom have been with our company for over a decade—to develop a personalized plan that is efficient, effective, and safe.

Complete Farm Pest Control Services

LeMarr Pest Control is proud to be a one-stop shop for farm pest control, providing specialized extermination services of all kinds. We offer:

Extermination for Common Pests

Whether you have a pest problem that is simply a nuisance or one that is threatening your buildings, LeMarr Pest Control can provide a lasting solution. As your farm pest control company, we can eliminate ants, spiders, hornets, millipedes, bagworms, clover mites, fleas, roaches, moths, and many other pests.

Extermination for Destructive Pests & Wildlife

LeMarr Pest Control offers solutions for the most challenging pest problems that farm owners encounter. For example, we can remove snakes and rodents while also identifying nesting grounds to stop the infestations from returning. We also offer trapping for wildlife including skunks, groundhogs, squirrels, raccoons, and possums. And we can even provide extermination services for a wide array of wood-destroying insects, such as termites, carpenter ants, and many others.

Schedule Pest Control at Your Farm

When you hire LeMarr Pest Control to provide pest control for your farm in Virginia, you can expect fair pricing on effective solutions tailored to your property and implemented by highly experienced professionals. Contact us today.

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"By far the best pest control company in the area! Ron Lemarr is a consummate professional.  As a real estate agent, I have used his services for over 17 years.  And I use them for my personal home. Whether it is termite inspections or treatments, annual stink bug spraying, removing bee hives and/or big wasps nests, to trapping the occasional ground hog, Lemarr Pest Control does it all."

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"Providing us with Pest Control for many years!"

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